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All the knowledge you need to live life to the fullest already exists in yourself, just get rid of all the bullshit! The only thing that might be missing is someone who's empowering you in removing all the 'barriers' on the road. I support you wholeheartedly in achieving your goals. Not because you need help, but because we are all on the same path. Therefore the main focus of the program is:
o   To untangle all your constrains and views from the past and
o   let go all the thoughts and habits that don't serve you anymore, which means growth.
o   Distinguish your ordinary day thoughts and habits from your extraordinary capacities.
o   Create a future from your own design.
o   Reaching your goals with ease, regardless of the circumstances.
o   The coaching tools will give you acces to your ground of being, in every moment of your life, in any environment.

The breakthrough coaching has a direct and lasting impact on yourself and your life. The purpose of the coaching is to reinvent youself. Everyone with the ambition and urgency to enlarge its potential is welcome!

Be extraordinary! Apply for a free advisory and discover your possibilities.

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Mission: To empower you in having breakthroughs, supporting you in moving beyond your present paradigm and expanding your possibilities beyond your imagination.

WORKSHOP BuitengewoonZIJN (Being Extraordinary)

Participants will have the possibility to cause a breakthrough in an area of live that's important to them. They leave the workshop with direct applicable powerful tools, ready for the future. The workshop is suitable for groups (friends, family, workplace) with a minimum of 6 persons.

Duration: 4 hours with breaks.


Don't waste time on a long coach program. Cause breakthroughs in rusty old barriers and deal with creative blockages. We will not keep us unnecessarily busy digging into your past. Main question: what is stopping you to get what you want right now. Get powerful and extraordinary tools to move on in your life. Re-educate yourself emotionally in all fields, just in 1 day!

After this day you will have a clear view of your desired situation and you understand where you are now and where you want to be.

Duration: 6 hours, excluding breaks

Good to know

The coaching programs are flexible and applicable in any situation. Based on the coaching method you will have conversations with your coach and do exercises that empowers you. You also get homework assignments. The program of BuitengewoonZIJN is not therapy.

The coaching can take place anywhere you want, for example at work, at home or on the beach. It can be applied in the following ways: Personal face to face, online via Skype and by telephone. Telephone sessions only possible after one personal or online session.

The duration of the program depends on coach questions and needs. Usually 5 to 6 sessions will be sufficient to cause permanent changes.

Information and introductory conversation is free of charge.



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