About BuitengewoonZIJN
I'm Joeban Machiel Bergs Berning (1976) and I am a breakthrough coach. Since 2007 I do this as self-employed under the name; BuitengewoonZIJN, which means being extraordinary.

My vision:
"You are the best in, being you. Your highest good and talent will fully flourish in an extraordinary

I remember when I was a young kid I lived my life without any problems. Problems just did not exist. Then suddenly I had t
hem. And a lot. The older I got, the more serious the problems appeared. It took me some years of training to recreate living my life without problems. If I could back then, why not now?
I discovered that there are no problems in life. I mean that quite literally. But "there are no problems in life" doesn't mean that there are no problems for human beings. This distinction made me curious of how we as human beings create life it self. Later in my life I realized that I could break through the routine of life, could break through the time-is-money sense. I realized: I AM FREE! What does it mean to be free? Free to choose, free to be myself, free to create a life worth living it!

These and many other insights I have gained during my work as a photographer and creative director at a renowned adve
rtising agency, as well as in my sport as mountain climber. My experience as a Head Coach at an advanced training agency, where I was at the heart of the development of new courses and also had the opportunity to deliver them to large groups of people, the many training courses and workshops that I have gone through, make that I'm an expert in empowering people. Since the foundation of BuitengewoonZIJN I had the extraordinary privilege to work and interact with thousands of people.

I love to share my (transformational) insights with you, read them on joebanmachiel.nl.